What Would a Mirana-Themed Keycap Set Look Like? - Explore the Mystique!

What Would a Mirana-Themed Keycap Set Look Like? - Explore the Mystique!

In the profound expanse of the starry sky, the legendary journey of Princess Mirana, the Moon Princess, is enchanting. Her noble lineage, the voluntary renunciation of the Solar Throne, and complete devotion to the Moon Goddess Selimene have shaped a unique and brave character. To pay homage to this moonlit dancer, we present the newly designed PIIFOX Mirana Side-printed OEM Keycap Set.

Inspiration Behind the Design

This keycap set draws inspiration from the profound elements of Mirana's legendary tale. The gradient from blue to black and back to blue symbolizes her traversing the night sky in the sacred Silverwood. This vivid color transition aims to capture the mystery of the changing moon phases, infusing your keyboard with a touch of mystical blue.

Key Features

The PIIFOX Mirana keycap set features the OEM profile with side-printed designs, totaling 130 keycaps. Each keycap is a tribute to Mirana, showcasing her elegance, pride, and fearlessness. The bright yellow lettering adds an eye-catching element, resembling the moonlight illuminating the night sky.

Material and Texture

We strive for excellence, utilizing high-quality PBT material to ensure the keycaps have a durable lifespan. The smooth texture and resistance to wear and shine guarantee a delightful typing experience with every keystroke.

The Journey of Moonlight Begins

The PIIFOX Mirana keycap set is a unique tribute to Dota 2 fans and keyboard enthusiasts. While we can't transport you to the mysterious Silverwood, these keycaps allow you to feel Mirana's courage and mystery with every press.

This story is just a small part of Mirana's journey, and the keycap set is the starting point for your moonlit adventure on the keyboard. Experience the PIIFOX Mirana keycap set and let your keyboard radiate a mysterious glow!

(Product Information: PIIFOX Mirana Side-printed OEM Keycap Set, priced at $79.90.)

Let's together embrace the revelation of moonlight and explore the unique journey on the keyboard!

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